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Molly Ivins Commentaries

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  •  Commentary one begins. Molly Ivins on Republican Conventions in Dallas. 
  •  Geraldine Ferraro Secretary 
  •  Dallas- the most self-conscious city in the least self-conscious state. 
  •  Dallas as hysterically funny. 
  •  Loopy Right Wing Billionaires 
  •  Bunker Hunt 
  •  "Trigamist"- H.L Hunt 
  •  Dallas billionaires are more outrageous than anything she can invent. 
  •  Commentary two. No Cowboy boots in Dallas. 
  •  Dallas as a painfully straight town 
  •  Salad bar at the Stop n' Go. 
  •  "Terminal self-consciousness" 
  •  Commentary three. State Liscense Plate 
  •  Wildflowers are not sufficiently macho. 
  •  Jim Rudge in West Texas 
  •  Wildflowers and gay rights 
  •  "Oklahoma: the Recruiting Violations State" 
  •  End commentary 
  •  Commentary four. Prince Charles in Texas 
  •  Texas Sesquicentennial 
  •  "Chuck" 
  •  Mark White as a nerd. 
  •  Lieuternant Governor doesn't talk 
  •  Gib Lewis & his mispronounciations 
  •  "Too much is not enough" 
  •  End of commentary 
  •  Commentary five. Ugly spectre of "nerditude" 
  •  No pass, no play 
  •  Governor Mark White did not participate in extracurricular activity 
  •  Mark White as the first nerd in Texas 
  •  Governor White was active in the Baptist Church 
  •  White worked to help his mother. 
  •  Texas governors is the "Valhalla of Nerds" 
  •  Commentary six. Single, 40 year old women have a low chance to find a mate. 
  •  Newsweek article 
  •  Women preferring to stay single 
  •  Longtime unmarried person 
  •  "Mrs. John Smith" 
  •  "Here lies Rudolf Richter 1822-1913…and wife" 
  •  Commentary seven. Race for the Governor of Texas 
  •  "Clements Gate" 
  •  Clements and White debate 
  •  "Governor charm" 
  •  Clements as bi-ignorant 
  •  White thirty points behind 
  •  Nuance running amok. 
  •  Commentary eight. Legal angle on the Iran arms scandal. 
  •  Bill Clements got a donation fom anti-terrorism group. 
  •  Weak governor system. 
  •  Commentary nine. "Pay for Play" Scandal 
  •  August 8th, 1985 
  •  Deal was a deal 
  •  "Everybody's doing it" 
  •  Lady Longhorns 
  •  Few folks care for a hypocrite 
  •  Legislature is not veto-proof. 
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Title:Molly Ivins Commentaries
Description:This is a collection of recordings of Molly's commentaries from NPR's Morning Edition, that she did in the 1980's. Molly covers the 1984 election, Dallas Culture, and Texas elections among many others. Of particular interest is her coverage of Prince Charles' visit to Austin, Texas in 1986 for Texas' Sesquicentennial.
Country:United States
State:New York
City:New York City
CreatorNational Public Radio
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Contributor:Ivins, Molly
PublisherDolph Briscoe Center for American History
Rights:Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Subject:Texas--Politics and government--1951-
United States--Politics and government
Feminism--United States
Original Format:1/8 inch audio cassette