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ExxonMobil Historical Collection

The ExxonMobil Historical Collection (EMHC) documents the long history of Exxon Mobil Corporation, focusing on the activities and functions of four major corporate entities – Standard Oil Company, founded in 1870 by John D. Rockefeller, Mobil Corporation, Exxon Corporation and Exxon Mobil Corporation – as well as various predecessor, affiliate and subsidiary companies, notably Texas-based Humble Oil & Refining Company and Magnolia Petroleum Company. Comprised of an estimated 4 million documents, 1.5 million photographs, 4,000 artifacts, and well over 30,000 moving image and sound recordings, the EMHC is arguably the largest publicly available collection documenting a single petroleum company.

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Happy Motoring!
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
One-minute commercial for Esso Extra premium gasoline.
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
One-minute commercial for Humble Oil and Refining Company, creators of Enco gasoline.
Journey Episode #1: Oil and the Peoples of the World
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
Tour of oil refineries and how oil is used and worked with all over the world narrated by Cal Thomas. The film covers Columbia, Canada, India, United States, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Holland. The overall message of the film is how oil connects people globally.
Journey Episode #2: To Sidon and Return
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
Cal Thomas narrates this second episode of the series "Journey" produced by ExxonMobil. The film details a trip on an oil tanker from Antwerp, Belgium to Sidon, Lebanon and follows all of the crew members on the tanker and their duties such as engineering, navigation, radio communications, and general sailor tasks. The crew moves the oil through an underwater pipeline from the land to the ship. 
Journey Episode #3: Operation Mano-I
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
Cal Thomas narrates the third episode of Journey which takes place in southwestern France. The residents of a small town in France observe as a group from Standard Oil New Jersey begin building derricks and drilling for oil without finding any oil.
Journey Episode #4: Kerosene for a Kåta
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
Cal Thomas narrates the fourth installment of the series "Journey." He follows the production of kerosene in Venezuela to its use in a small Swedish village. 
Offshore: The Search for Oil and Gas
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
An Exxon film showing the process for offshore oil drilling, from looking for and testing locations to bringing in a well. Emphasizes the large financial risk it takes to find oil. Color picture with sound. Label on film canister reads, Exxon F01418." Writing on leader reads, "W.C.I., Maylaysia [Malaysia], B. Roll, Dupe#2." Location information from writing on leader is used for dc.Coverage element.
Put a Tiger in Your Tank
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
One-minute "Tiger in your Tank" commercial for Enco gasoline.
The Inner World, Part 1
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection; Esso World Theatre
Esso produced scenes from the Greek Tragedy, Hecuba.
The Inner World, Part 2
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection; Esso World Theatre
An Esso production of Sophocles' Oedipus and the myth of Prometheus Bound. The video also includes an introduction to the Esso oil refinery to be built in Thessaloniki.