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Armadillo World Headquarters Records Armadillo World Headquarters Records

The Armadillo World Headquarters collection includes photographs, business records, ephemera, and recordings from the iconic 1970s Austin nightclub. The recordings include radio ads for the club and local businesses, live music recordings, and demo tapes. Digitized and described by Angela Swift.

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47 Times Its Own Weight/Star Crossed
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Recordings of three different bands. First is a “Demo tape produced by BBA Management for Armadillo World Headquarters, October 1, 1974. 47 times Its Own Weight, Recorded Live July 1974.” and the band plays five jazz songs. The tape then shifts to a new band, “Star Crossed recorded with Liza Farrow recorded live at the Alliance Wagon Yard August 1974.” Star Crossed plays a jazz song, then the singer Liz Farrow is announced. She sings “Midnight at the Oasis,” and the bands goes on to perform three more songs including “God Bless The Child That’s Got His Own” The third band “Jim Beans and Mirage recorded live at Point Venture, July 1974” plays one song. The tape runs out during the end of the song. 5" polyester reel. No case. Recorded with both channels all the way up to capture songs at lower levels.
Armadillo Ad, 6/7/1974
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Radio spot in the form of a conversation between Army Sarge and “kid” for two shows. Southern Feeling and the Night Crawlers for no cover, and Bruce Springsteen and the Electro Magnets on Saturday June 15. 3" reel. Written on front of the case: Armadillo Ad 6/7/74.
Armadillo Radio Ad for Thursday - Greezy Wheels
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Radio spot with character “Bejean Thibodeux,” a pig farmer from Louisiana, advertising the band Greezy Wheels playing for on free Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night with El Rocho from Tulsa, OK. 5" reel. The case has a printed label reading Tempo 2 2510 Farrngton, Dallas, Texas 75207. AC 214 637-4755. Pier One '74 Cargo Clearance Sale # 12-1077-R30 :30 @ 7 1/2. This information is scratched out and written over it is: Thibodeaux ARM. FOR THURS
Balcones Fault (spot), 1/16/1975
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
A partial radio spot for Balcones Fault on Thursday night. Originally recorded at 15 ips. Due to equipment limitations with 15 ips, this reel was digitized while played at a slower speed, then brought up to speed with SoundForge Effects, Pitch shift. Tails out, Written on case: Balcones Fault Spot 30 sec Please return this reel to R. Wiggins AWHQ 76R. Written on masking tape: advertises Thurs. Jan 16 1975 at Armadillo tape is "tails out"
Bobby Doyle Band
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Three songs recorded by the Bobby Doyle Band. 1. Stormy Monday but Tuesday Just as Bad 2. After Midnight 3. (check) piano music. After these songs, after some blank tape is the middle of a different song by a different band. 5" reel. Side spine of the case has a blue label-maker label: Bobby Doyle and handwritten date 10/1/74. Written on masking tape on the back of the case: Bobby Doyle Band.
Brian's Recording Studio: is Greezy Wheels advert benefit for Greenbriar school in Bastrop
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Two radio spots with Cleve Hattersley of Greezy Wheels for a benefit for the Greenbriar School Building Fund (in Bastrop) with Greezy Wheels and The Lost Gonzo Band. Tues. Oct. 8. Tickets $2 in advance, $2.50 at the door. Sounds like the second spot is a copy of the first. The sound fades out briefly in the same spot about ⅔ through. 5" polyester reel. No case. Label on flange: Brian's Recording Studio. This is a two-part label, white with a transparent layer with writing. This transparent layer popped off while digitizing. It is still with the collection.
City Limits
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Six songs recorded by the band City Limits. 1. Truck Drivin’ Man 2. Sing Me Back Home 3. Honky Tonk Man 4. Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down 5. Truck Drivin’ Man 6. Y’all Come.Ampex 358 60 minute cassette tape. Only Side A has content. Side B is blank. Masking tape on the front of case: City Limits. Inside the case are two business cards. one for the City Limits band and one for "immediate music" in California. Written on the cassette label:Side A: City Limits Side B: blank
Crowd, orders for Lone Star, music, mixed sound effects
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Recording of crowd/bar noise with several requests for Lone Star Beer. 7" polyester reel - maxell Ultra Dynamic "UD35-7." Written on label flange: 7 1/2 ips. Crown, Orders for Lone Star, Music, mixed sound effects. After digitization, tape became ensnarled on rewind and stretched upon repair.
Doak Snead Band
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Doak Snead Band performs "Dead Dog Blues." Originally recorded at 15 ips. Due to equipment limitations with 15 ips, this reel was digitized while played at a slower speed, then brought up to speed with SoundForge Effects, Pitch shift. No case. Written on masking tape on the flange: Doak Snead Band "Dead Dog Blues"
Freddie - Lone Star
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Freddie King recording advertisements for Lone Star Beer. Five arrangements of the song written for Lone Star Beer “Nights Never Get Lonely” and five speaking parts. 5" polyester reel. Written on side spine of case: Freddie - Lone Star