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Containment and Recovery of an Offshore Oil Spill

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Table of contents 
  •  Introduction 
  •  Huskey Offshore Skimmer 
  •  Assembling offshore boom 
  •  Preparing barge 
  •  Detailed information about offshore boom 
  •  Using tugboats to transport equipment to work site 
  •  Arriving at work site 
  •  "The fire is still out of control, but other experts have been called in to put out the fire and kill the wells. Our job is to prevent the slick from spreading, and to recover the oil." 
  •  Shots of oil well fires and firefighting 
  •  Derrick barge 
  •  Launching skimmer 
  •  Tugboat towing skimmer 
  •  Workers attaching sections of the boom 
  •  Last section of boom; Attaching buoys to end 
  •  Skimming operations 
  •  Charlie [sp?] storage racks 
  •  Ballasting skimmer pontoons 
  •  Diagram of skimmer operation 
  •  Transferring oil from skimmer to petroleum storage barge 
  •  'V' formation of skimmers 
  •  Foreman 
  •  Summing up 
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Title:Containment and Recovery of an Offshore Oil Spill
Description:Produced film on the process used to contain an oil spill and recover oil, showcasing Spiltrol equipment including an offshore boom and the Huskey SBG offshore skimmer. Takes place at an oil rig fire off-shore of Louisiana. Color picture with sound. This capture replaces e_bb_5004 with a higher quality capture.
Country:United States
Date:circa 1976
CreatorBailey, Bob (producer)
Spiltrol (producer)
Bennett Pollution Control (producer)
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Contributor:Norris, Paul (script)
Somers, Larry (technical consultant)
Bennett, John (technical consultant)
Huskey, Bill (technical consultant)
Smith, John (photographer; editor)
PublisherDolph Briscoe Center for American History
Rights:Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Original Format:color film (film); sound tracks, 16mm