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Capline….Oil For the Midwest

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Table of contents 
  •  Introduction: "This is a story with two beginnings..."
  •  Titles 
  •  The Midwest and its need for oil
  •  Off-shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the source of oil for the Capline Pipeline
  •  Hard hats with the logos of Clark, Marathon, MV, Texaco, Ashland, Shell and Service Pipe Line Company
  •  Pipeline history, illustrated with drawings and paintings of early pipelines
  •  Right of Way Agents meet with land owners along proposed pipeline
  •  Pipeline manufacturing process at steel mill factory
  •  Delivering pipelines
  •  Map showing six sections of proposed pipeline
  •  Conservation efforts
  •  Welding "double-jointed" pipeline
  •  Special protective coating for the swampland pipeline
  •  Quality control for welding
  •  Installing pipeline
  •  Coating and wrapping pipeline 
  •  Special operations: The Mississippi River 
  •  Aerial view of Mississippi River installation 
  •  Special operations: The Ohio River
  •  Special operations: Swamp installation
  •  Right of Way Agents make a post-installation visit to landowners
  •  Cleaning sphere pumped through pipeline
  •  Electronic control center of pipeline
  •  Map of oil distribution from pipeline's end in Petoka, Illinois
  •  The future of the Capline Pipeline: "Doing its part to ensure that future generations will always be able to say, 'Fill 'er up'".
  •  Closing credits 
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Title:Capline….Oil For the Midwest
Description:Film documenting the planning and construction of the Capline Pipeline, a United States pipeline transporting crude oil from the South to the Midwest. Participating companies include Ashland Oil and Refining Company, Marathon Oil Company, Standard Oil Company, Sun Oil Company, Shell Oil Company, Clark Oil and Refining Corporation, Union Oil Company of California and Texaco, Inc. Color picture with sound.
Country:United States
State:Louisiana; Mississippi; Kentucky; Tennessee; Illinois
CreatorBob Bailey Studios
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
PublisherDolph Briscoe Center for American History
Rights:Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Original Format:color film (film) 16mm