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The Congressional and Political History Collections acquire, preserve, and make available for research archival materials for studies in congressional and state political history. The collections have a special focus on significant elected officials from Texas, including the Texas Congressional delegation, Texas governors, and House Speakers.

The Congressional History Collection contains papers relating to the careers of more than 50 former and present members of Congress, including House Speaker Sam Rayburn and House Speaker and Vice President John Nance Garner. Measuring more than 6,400 linear feet, the collection is one of the most extensive and significant in the United States.

The Political History Collection includes the papers of former Texas governors, from Sam Houston and James Stephen Hogg to Dolph Briscoe and Ann Richards. Many other local and state officials, state and federal employees, and media are also included. An important collection component is the Texas House Speakers Oral History Project, which includes interviews and information on 11 Speakers of the Texas House of Representatives.

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Gonzales Report [with guest Sargent Shriver]
Source:Gonzalez (Henry B.) Collection
Public address from Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez to his constituents in Bexar County, Texas. Features a guest appearance from Sargent Shriver, former director of the Peace Corps and current director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, talking about the effectiveness of his organization and showing a chart with a map of its programs in Texas. Mentions Neighborhood Youth Corps, Job Corps, Head Start and Upward Bound programs and the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Gonzalez acknowledges WOAI-TV and KENS-TV for providing airtime. Black and white picture with sound. Folder label notes that it is from April. Writing on leader reads "2798 Gonzalez, 14, 60."
Gonzales Report [with guests Mexican Marine Band]
Source:Gonzalez (Henry B.) Collection
Weekly public address from Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez to his constituents in Bexar County, Texas. Features a guest appearance from the Mexican Marine Band String Quintet, accompanied by Navy escorts Lieutenant Edsen [no first name given] and Captain Al Holland (from Alice, Texas). Band members named are Gomez Rodriguez (band leader?), Jose Maria Salomon (guitar), Jorge Richie Velasco (accordion), Balthazar Rosas (second violin), Carlos Moreno (road manager?), Perrino Rodriguez (first violin) and Cesar Jiminez (singer). Mentions the band meeting Eva Sámano Bishop, the first lady of Mexico. Speaking of the Navy's instruction position in Vera Cruz, Gonzalez comments, "It means a tremendous step forward in the approximation of the nations in the Western Hemisphere, and more particularly, the continuation and the strengthening of the bonds of friendship and good relations that exist between our country and the republic to the south of us, Mexico." Also features San Antonio architect Frank M. Valdez and lawyer Thomas J. Guardia. Gonzalez mentions recent show visit from students from Argentina's war college and a radio show with leaders of Chile and Ecuador broadcast on Voice of America. Has opening that shows United States and Texas state flags while the song "Happy Days Are Here Again" is heard. Black and white picture with sound. Leader reads, "Gonzalez-English O+C [open and close] 16-D."
Gonzales Report
Source:Gonzalez (Henry B.) Collection
Spanish language version of weekly public address from Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez to his constituents in Bexar County, Texas. Black and white picture with sound. Folder label notes that it is from March. Writing on leader reads "(Spanish) Gonzalez-325, 185-16."
Gonzales Report
Source:Gonzalez (Henry B.) Collection
Weekly public address from Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez to his constituents in Bexar County, Texas. In this program, Gonzalez addresses criticism that the 88th congress is inactive, comparing it to a busy housewife being asked what she did all day. In response, Gonzalez gives a detailed account of the legislative process, commenting on a universal draft bill, the Wheat Referendum and the Trade Expansion Act. Has opening with Gonzalez sitting at his desk while the sounds of the Bells of Congress are heard. Black and white picture with sound. Shipping label from KENS-TV lists film as item number 438-0028. Writing on leader reads "794, Gonzalez-334-O/C [open/close]."
Gubernatorial [Democratic Primary] Campaign Speech re: water policy
Source:Yarborough (Ralph W.) Papers
Campaign advertisement for the July 24, 1954 Texas Democratic Primary. Yarborough talks about water supply and conservation problems in Texas, and outlines a three-point solution using a series of dams, based on a plan he implemented in Austin while serving on the Lower Colorado River Authority. Black and white picture with sound.
How to Be Cheerful About the American System Anyway- Molly at the 53rd Conference on World Affairs
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Video tape of a speech given by Molly at the 53rd annual Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her speech was moderated by Richard Byvny. In her speech, Molly discusses having to interpret newly in office, George W. Bush for the rest of world and the role that money plays in political corruption both in Texas and at the national level.
Jackie Kennedy Spanish Voting Spot
Source:Gonzalez (Henry B.) Collection
Spanish language voting spot featuring Jackie Kennedy
Kinescope of Allan Shivers during television appearance attacking Pres. Kennedy
Source:Yarborough (Ralph W.) Papers
Film contains kinescoped footage from a speech by former Governor of Texas Allan Shivers on why Texas Democrats should not vote for the Kennedy-Johnson ticket, emphasizing that Kennedy is not from the same democratic party as the Texas audience's fathers and grandfathers. Shivers mentions Texas Representative Sam Rayburn, Oklahoma Senator Robert Samuel Kerr, Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey, Michigan Senator Patrick V. McNamara, President Harry S. Truman and his Secretary of State Dean Acheson. Also mentions the Americans for Democratic Action, the Southern Coalition, the oil industry and the Korean War. Kinescoped from a broadcast on San Antonio's WOAI-TV. Black and white picture with sound. Audio drops out to a very low volume during middle of recording, which was amplified for the access copy by Briscoe Center staff. The creator explains this problem in an included letter to John F. Kennedy: "The batteries and the amplifyer [sp] on one of the cameras used was bad, and for that reason at certain points during the film there will be a noticeable drop in the sound."
MTI on WNYC (Molly Ivins on WNYC's On the Line )
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Radio appearance by Molly on WNYC's On the Line. Her brief appearance mostly is to discuss the 1992 presidential election and Texas politics.
Minnesota Public Radio MPR "Presidential Choices-Republicans: Earth & Presidency in the Balance"
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Molly only appears for about 5 minutes at the beginning of the tape. The rest is a program about the environment.