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Texas History

The Eugene C. Barker Texas History Collection was created in 1945 and named in honor of University of Texas professor Eugene Campbell Barker, a pioneer in the field of Texas history. The Barker Collection includes books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, photographs, broadsides, and recorded sound and constitutes the most extensive collection of Texas-related material in existence. Includes: the Bexar Archives, 300,000 pages of Spanish colonial and Mexican Provincial records of Texas, from 1717 to 1836; the Texas Declaration of Independence printed in San Felipe de Austin in 1836; Lt. Col. Jose Enrique de la Pena's eyewitness description of the Texas Revolution, including his controversial account of David Crockett's death at the Alamo; the Governor Dolph and Mrs. Janey Briscoe 1849 daguerreotype of the Alamo.

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Trip to Carlsbad, New Mexico
Source:Sorens (Bryan) Movie Film
Home movie footage chronicling Sorens' trips to the Carlsbad Caverns, San Antonio, Matamoros (Mexico) and Corpus Christi. Black and white picture with no sound.
Water Conservation, King Ranch Gas
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
Scenes of cattle, wildlife, and bodies of water along the gas plant at King Ranch. Table of Contents taken from shot list inside film canister. Color picture, no sound. Has synchronization punch hole. Labels on film canister read, "Orig, 16mm color, Effluent from King Ranch, Gas Pit, Lab control (sampling), Cattle & wildlife; from Mel [Costin? illegible]; WH/7U6, F07213." Writing on leader reads, "Water Conservation, King Ranch Gas PH. for TV clip ORIGINAL Humble # 3-2250 8-20-68; Humble 'Water Conservation' King Ranch Gas Plant #3-2250 8-19-68." Writing on tail: "Tail Humble Orig Eco #3-2250." Film reel was too tight for film and canister, so film was swapped to a core.
Yarborough 1-25-90 [Campaign Film for 1970 Senate Race; Composite]
Source:Yarborough (Ralph W.) Papers
Campaign film for Ralph Yarborough's 1970 senate race against Lloyd Bentsen. Yarborough mentions the Cold War G.I. Bill, Padre Island Seashore Bill, and Bilingual Education Act, as well as his work on the Appropriations Committee and his commitment to peace and protection of the environment.  Color picture with sound. Composite version of sound and picture created by synchronizing punch holes in related files. Title taken from writing on leader of dv_00136.
[Outtakes for 1970 Senate Race Campaign Film]
Source:Yarborough (Ralph W.) Papers
Two takes of a campaign film for Ralph Yarborough's 1970 senate race against Lloyd Bentsen. Takes place in the same setting as dv_00138. Color picture, no sound.