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The Briscoe Center has long emphasized the development of its music resources as an integral part of its mission to document the historical experience of the American people. Since 1980, the Center has been building extensive research collections of folk and popular music of Texas and the greater South and Southwest in its efforts to trace the development of different musical styles and of the music industry itself.

For more comprehensive information about the Center's musical resources, please see the Center's main site.

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Coachmen: An Interview with Jeff Travis [Side 2]
Source:Vorda (Allan) Music History Collection
Side 2 of interview with Jeff Travis. Consists of Travis recording himself discussing a list of questions sent to him by Allan Vorda. Discusses band changing name from Coachmen to Alexander’s Rock Time Band then Professor Morrison’s Lollipop before dissolving. Content lasts for about half of the recording. Recording continues after Travis signs off, and he can be heard whistling along to music and talking on phone. Digitized from Radio Shack concertape 30-minute cassette played on Sony TC-WE475. Tape is marked as taking place on 1987/01/27, but interviewee places recording on 1987/01/23.
Crowd, orders for Lone Star, music, mixed sound effects
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Recording of crowd/bar noise with several requests for Lone Star Beer. 7" polyester reel - maxell Ultra Dynamic "UD35-7." Written on label flange: 7 1/2 ips. Crown, Orders for Lone Star, Music, mixed sound effects. After digitization, tape became ensnarled on rewind and stretched upon repair.
Doak Snead Band
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Doak Snead Band performs "Dead Dog Blues." Originally recorded at 15 ips. Due to equipment limitations with 15 ips, this reel was digitized while played at a slower speed, then brought up to speed with SoundForge Effects, Pitch shift. No case. Written on masking tape on the flange: Doak Snead Band "Dead Dog Blues"
Fever Tree: An Interview with Rob Landes [Side A]
Source:Vorda (Allan) Music History Collection
Side A of interview with Fever Tree member Rob Landes. Covers the origins of Fever Tree, their self-titled debut album, Houston's psychedelic music scene, drug use and the break up of the band. Digitized from unbranded 90-minute cassette played on Sony TC-WE475.
Fever Tree: An Interview with Rob Landes [Side B]
Source:Vorda (Allan) Music History Collection
Side B of interview with Fever Tree member Rob Landes. Covers break-up of the band, what members did after the break-up, Fever Tree reuniting without Landes, regrets and the legacy of Fever Tree. Digitized from unbranded 90-minute cassette played on Sony TC-WE475. Sound speeds up for first three minutes due to batteries running low on recorder.
Freddie - Lone Star
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Freddie King recording advertisements for Lone Star Beer. Five arrangements of the song written for Lone Star Beer “Nights Never Get Lonely” and five speaking parts. 5" polyester reel. Written on side spine of case: Freddie - Lone Star
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Three songs recorded by the band Gorisch 1. A Nickel 2. Darcy Farrow 3. Take you to a picture show. 5" polyester reel. No case. Label on flange used as hold down tape marked Gorisch. Label had to be removed to digitize.
Greezy Wheels
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Four songs by the band Greezy Wheels. 1. So Soon in the Morning 2.Dirty Ole Man 3. The Right Now Rag 4. Country Music and Friends. 5" reel. Written on the case: Greezy Wheels. So Soon in the Morning; Dirty Ole Man; The Right Now Rag; Country Music and Friends. Pen doodle on the back of the case.
Jim McElwaine - Songs
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Nine songs by Jim McElwaine. Recording starts a with loud noise and garbled music, possibly from earlier recording. 7" polyester reel. The songs recording match what is written on the front of the case: 1. Who’s to Blame if You’re in Maine; *2. Her Face; 3. Why Did This Have to Happen Again?; **4. Celebration; **5. Nothing There; **6. A Woman’s Winter; *7. Do Not Ask Me to Touch Your Face; *8. Half; 9. Bye Bye, Europa, So Long. Writing also includes musicians' names and recording specifics. Jim McElwaine. Lawrence Pitkethly - Lyrics. John Kilgore - bass. 7 1/2 ips. 1/2 track stereo. ©1974 Crustacean Music Co. Slight shedding at start of digitization.
John Early Band
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Two songs by The John Early band plus part of an unknown band’s song at the end of the tape. John Early Band - My Life’s Been Waiting and Instrumental/After the Wait (?); Unknown band Don’t You Feel So Sad. 5" reel. Handwritten on the front of the case: John Early Band 7 1/2 IPS 1/2 T Stereo. Jon Early Band, 1/4 track stereo 7 1/2 "My lifes Been Waiting/After the Wait. Also taped to the case is a telephone message: To; Bobby H. From Jon Early (ref David Hickey) Will be staying @ Holiday Inn Town Lake I.H. 35.