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Energy & Natural Resources

The American Energy History Collections consists of corporate archives, organizational records, personal papers and oral histories that provide a comprehensive view of the energy industry and its influence on Texas, the nation and the world. From the early days of the oil industry in the 1850s to the 1901 discovery of oil at Spindletop through the emergence of the global energy economy, these collections document how the industry has impacted business, society, politics and culture in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Kinescope of Allan Shivers during television appearance attacking Pres. Kennedy
Source:Yarborough (Ralph W.) Papers
Film contains kinescoped footage from a speech by former Governor of Texas Allan Shivers on why Texas Democrats should not vote for the Kennedy-Johnson ticket, emphasizing that Kennedy is not from the same democratic party as the Texas audience's fathers and grandfathers. Shivers mentions Texas Representative Sam Rayburn, Oklahoma Senator Robert Samuel Kerr, Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey, Michigan Senator Patrick V. McNamara, President Harry S. Truman and his Secretary of State Dean Acheson. Also mentions the Americans for Democratic Action, the Southern Coalition, the oil industry and the Korean War. Kinescoped from a broadcast on San Antonio's WOAI-TV. Black and white picture with sound. Audio drops out to a very low volume during middle of recording, which was amplified for the access copy by Briscoe Center staff. The creator explains this problem in an included letter to John F. Kennedy: "The batteries and the amplifyer [sp] on one of the cameras used was bad, and for that reason at certain points during the film there will be a noticeable drop in the sound."
Mid '60s Texaco Stations in Houston
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Footage of cars pulling into Texaco gas stations along with a map tracing Houston routes. Color picture, no sound.
More Oil and Gas for Today and Tomorrow
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Produced film on the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission, covering its 1935 formation, purpose and principles. Contains live footage mixed with animation documenting oil and gas well planning and construction. Topics covered include unitized fields and the water drive technique. Also provides a brief history of the petroleum industry and makes a case for petroleum as a continued energy source for the United States. Includes footage of the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission headquarters in Oklahoma and a plaque for Drake Well Park in Pennsylvania. Film closes with the logos of the Interstate Oil Compact Commission and Sunoco, with a title card reading, "From the Film Libraries of Sun Oil Company". Color internegative picture with sound. Extra metadata on film leader includes: "End- Print 1; Interneg. [Internegative]."
Natural Gas to the North
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Produced film documenting the planning and construction of a natural gas pipeline running from the Hugoton Gas Field to Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Focuses on solutions to terrain challenges, spotlighting specialized equipment including pocket ditchers, mormon boards, a Pipeline Inspection Gauge, and the Pearson fault inspector. Title card at beginning of film reads, "American Natural Gas Company through a subsidiary Michigan-Wisconsin Pipeline Company." Color picture with sound. Projector lost loop due to damage from advanced vinegar syndrome, causing many audio drop-outs, pauses in the picture and image flutter at points where projector stopped. An unprocessed version [e_bb_5358_unprocessed] is available for verifying the fidelity of the digitized copy to the original film.
New Drilling Method for Down Hole Motors
Second title card reads: "Featuring a flexible drill stem and substantially reduced round trip time." Industrial film showing operation of drilling machinery, first in a warehouse, then in the field. Film features the results of a research project done by Roy H. Cullen in association with the Texas Granite Corporation in Marble Falls, Texas. Color picture, no sound.
Offshore: The Search for Oil and Gas
Source:ExxonMobil Historical Collection
An Exxon film showing the process for offshore oil drilling, from looking for and testing locations to bringing in a well. Emphasizes the large financial risk it takes to find oil. Color picture with sound. Label on film canister reads, Exxon F01418." Writing on leader reads, "W.C.I., Maylaysia [Malaysia], B. Roll, Dupe#2." Location information from writing on leader is used for dc.Coverage element.
Port of Houston, 1 of 2
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Produced film promoting the Port of Houston, with a brief history of the port and its use by the cotton, wheat and oil industries. Contains footage of the "Steel Surveyor" ship pulling into port, a meeting of the Houston Port Commissioners, and the newly built Wharf 9. Credits include a list of the Board of Navigation and Canal Commissioners: Vernon Bailey (Director of Port Operations), W. F. Heavey (General Manager), W. S. Bellows, W. L. Walker, Sewall Myer, Lawton E. Deats and Robert Hemphill. Color picture with sound. Ends abruptly, with a hole for synchronization that likely goes with part 2.
Sam Houston [ship] and monorails
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
A combination of unapparently-related clips of produced films and raw footage spliced together on the same reel by the creator. Includes clips on the christening of a ship named "Sam Houston," a Houston monorail system (with title cards in Japanese or Korean), workers on a construction site, workers at a switchboard and footage of Houston-area buildings and landmarks, including USS Texas, the Washburn Tunnel, and buildings of KNUZ-TV, City National Bank, Ezekiel W. Cullen and the University of Houston. Color and black-and-white picture with sound. Some segments are upside-down and backwards in relation to others. Pub version flips upside-down and backward segments.
Tenneco and the 200 Million [Composite]
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Industrial film promoting companies owned or supplied by Tenneco. Shows signs or products for the Packaging Corporation of America, Case Power & Equipment, Tenneco Chemicals, Inc., Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Walker Manufacturing Company and Walgreens. Also contains footage of the Norm Nelson Automotive Superbird car and an anechoic chamber at Walker Engineering & Research Center. Color picture with sound. This is a composite version of the picture from e_bb_5042 with the soundtrack from e_bb_5043. Assembled by Briscoe Center staff with synchronized sound and picture standardized to e_bb_5041, with color for internegative film inverted and adjusted.
The Story of an Oil Well Drilled by the Rotary Method
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Produced film consisting of motion pictures interspersed with title cards narrating and explaining the process of drilling for oil using the rotary system. Title cards suggest that the film takes place in the Goose Creek oil field of Harris County, Texas. Black and white negative picture, no sound. Writing on leader reads: "Begin #1, 'Oil Well', Humble Oil." Camera shakiness during title cards and sprocket holes printed on film indicate that this film may be copied from an earlier print.