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Texas History

The Eugene C. Barker Texas History Collection was created in 1945 and named in honor of University of Texas professor Eugene Campbell Barker, a pioneer in the field of Texas history. The Barker Collection includes books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, photographs, broadsides, and recorded sound and constitutes the most extensive collection of Texas-related material in existence. Includes: the Bexar Archives, 300,000 pages of Spanish colonial and Mexican Provincial records of Texas, from 1717 to 1836; the Texas Declaration of Independence printed in San Felipe de Austin in 1836; Lt. Col. Jose Enrique de la Pena's eyewitness description of the Texas Revolution, including his controversial account of David Crockett's death at the Alamo; the Governor Dolph and Mrs. Janey Briscoe 1849 daguerreotype of the Alamo.

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Crowds, Downtown Houston
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Footage of crowds walking in downtown Houston. Prominent signs include Chandler's Shoes, Houston Trunk Factory and Loew's State Theatre with Spencer Tracy on the bill [at the intersection of Main and McKinney Street?]. Color picture, no sound.
Daily Advertising for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Video tape of three television ads done for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
Gonzales Report [With guest Ralph W. Yarborough; Poll Tax]
Source:Gonzalez (Henry B.) Collection
Weekly public address from Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez to his constituents in Bexar County, Texas. Features a guest appearance by Texas Senator Ralph W. Yarborough, with both men expressing mutual admiration for the other, and many candid moments throughout, contrasting with their fallout documented in e_hbg_0072. Yarborough talks about Gonzalez's persistence in passing San Antonio bills, repealing the poll tax, supporting the G.I. Bill, and the establishment of the Padre Island National Seashore. Gonzalez mentions having served for a year and 8 months. Has opening with Gonzales climbing the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building while the sounds of the Bells of Congress are heard. Black and white picture with sound. Leader reads, "Gonzalez 334, 0/6."
Gubernatorial [Democratic Primary] Campaign Speech re: water policy
Source:Yarborough (Ralph W.) Papers
Campaign advertisement for the July 24, 1954 Texas Democratic Primary. Yarborough talks about water supply and conservation problems in Texas, and outlines a three-point solution using a series of dams, based on a plan he implemented in Austin while serving on the Lower Colorado River Authority. Black and white picture with sound.
Houston Rodeo Parade, Gene Autry and Glenn McCarthy
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Gene Autry and Glenn McCarthy, along with marching bands and cowboys, parade through downtown Houston, Texas. Has a title card for "Ansco." Black and white picture, no sound. Appears to have been shot at 24 frames per second. This is a more complete digitization of the same source reel as e_bb_5003, with this version capturing the entire reel.
How to Be Cheerful About the American System Anyway- Molly at the 53rd Conference on World Affairs
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Video tape of a speech given by Molly at the 53rd annual Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her speech was moderated by Richard Byvny. In her speech, Molly discusses having to interpret newly in office, George W. Bush for the rest of world and the role that money plays in political corruption both in Texas and at the national level.
Hurricane Carla
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Footage of destruction caused by Hurricane Carla. Includes scenes of a flooded marina, windows covered in tape, trees bending in high winds, waves crashing on beach patio, water pooling by patio doors, a snake, boats washed ashore and damaged property. Black and white picture with a short amount of color picture at the end of the reel, no sound.
JHF Chronological Biography
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
This is a tape of John Henry Faulk reciting his own chronological biography for Molly's research. John Henry Faulk was an enormous influence in the speaking style, political philosophy, and life of Molly Ivins. Told in a rambling, storytelling style, this biography touches on much of John Henry Faulk's early life, military experiences, and first marriage. Of particular interest on this tape is John Henry's memories of his parents and his life as a child in South Austin.
JHF Chronological Biography
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
This is the second side of the John Henry Faulk chronological biography begun on e_mi_075. Of particular interest in this part of the biography are John Henry Faulk's memories of being at the University of Texas and working with J. Frank Dobie, his marriage to folk singer Halley Wood, and his time in the military.
Kinescope of Allan Shivers during television appearance attacking Pres. Kennedy
Source:Yarborough (Ralph W.) Papers
Film contains kinescoped footage from a speech by former Governor of Texas Allan Shivers on why Texas Democrats should not vote for the Kennedy-Johnson ticket, emphasizing that Kennedy is not from the same democratic party as the Texas audience's fathers and grandfathers. Shivers mentions Texas Representative Sam Rayburn, Oklahoma Senator Robert Samuel Kerr, Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey, Michigan Senator Patrick V. McNamara, President Harry S. Truman and his Secretary of State Dean Acheson. Also mentions the Americans for Democratic Action, the Southern Coalition, the oil industry and the Korean War. Kinescoped from a broadcast on San Antonio's WOAI-TV. Black and white picture with sound. Audio drops out to a very low volume during middle of recording, which was amplified for the access copy by Briscoe Center staff. The creator explains this problem in an included letter to John F. Kennedy: "The batteries and the amplifyer [sp] on one of the cameras used was bad, and for that reason at certain points during the film there will be a noticeable drop in the sound."