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Energy & Natural Resources

The American Energy History Collections consists of corporate archives, organizational records, personal papers and oral histories that provide a comprehensive view of the energy industry and its influence on Texas, the nation and the world. From the early days of the oil industry in the 1850s to the 1901 discovery of oil at Spindletop through the emergence of the global energy economy, these collections document how the industry has impacted business, society, politics and culture in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
A promotional film documenting the planning, construction and maintenance of a natural gas pipeline [Tennessee Gas Pipeline?] by the Tennessee Gas and Transmission Company. Gives in-depth coverage of pipeline installation processes, including cold wrinkle bending and pressure welding. Seems to cover the same subject as e_bb_5019. Color picture with sound.
Gift from the Earth, cuts, 1 of 3
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Contains extended and unused footage from "Gift from the Earth" (e_bb_5021), including candid footage of the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation's boardroom, and interior footage from South Carolina's Fiberglas factory. Some clips are upside-down and reversed from original reel. Color print with no sound.
Gift from the Earth: Natural Gas; Transco in New Jersey, studio print
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
One film made up of two distinct but related sections, "Gift from the Earth: Natural Gas" and "Transco in New Jersey". "Gift from the Earth" documents the planning, construction and maintenance of a pipeline [Transco pipeline?] delivering natural gas from Texas to the East Coast. "Transco in New Jersey" gives a detailed tour of communities served by the pipeline in New Jersey. Both sections spotlight the [Transco] pipeline created by the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation. Color picture with sound.
Glenn McCarthy Interview
Source:Oral History of the Texas Oil Industry Records
Houston Chemical Giant, Turner [Composite]
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
An afterword [to the film Houston Chemical Giant?] by John Turner, president of Friendswood Development Company, a subsidiary of Humble Oil & Refining Company. Mentions real estate development projects Clear Lake City and the Bayport Industrial Development. Thanks the Houston Chamber of Commerce for permission to modify film, and also mentions "Mr. Hurley" [sp?]. Composite version of sound from e_bb_5024 and picture from e_bb_5025. Assembled by Briscoe Center staff, using synchronization punch holes. Color picture with sound.
Houston Chemical Giant, not in sync [pub version corrects sync]
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Produced film with aerial views of chemical plants, petroleum refineries and mills on the the Houston Ship Channel and surrounding areas, with narrator giving details of companies and products. Color picture with sound. Creator title notes that this version is "not in sync," which seems to apply only to the sections when Martin Hurley is on camera. "Pub" version synchronizes audio track in these sections.
Humble Army-Navy E award
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Documents the acceptance ceremony for the Army-Navy "E" Award (also known as the Army-Navy Production Award), presented to Humble Oil Co. "for high achievement in the production of war [WWII] equipment" [from program]. Contains footage of Humble Oil Co. executives receiving commendations, with many shots of audience [likely to be made up of Humble Oil workers]. In addition to the ceremony, film shows the program booklet, U.S. and other flags, a close-up of the award and a sign reading "1136 Humble Employees in the Service". Color picture, no sound.
Humble Oil Well, #7092, Mr. Baker
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Series of speeches [by Humble Oil Co. executives] set to a backdrop of "...000,000,000" [possibly celebrating a milestone in production]. One speaker is presented a flag. Audience behind podium includes uniformed servicemen. The speeches are followed by images of well-dressed [audience] outside of a factory. Color picture with no sound. Writing on leader tape reads: "#7092, Humble Oil-Orig. Photo-Begin Reel 1" [Head], "Humble Oil Reel #1, KC Heads; Mr. Baker" [Splice preceding first moving image on reel] and "End Reel II, Orig Photo-, Humble Oil" [Tail]. Has multiple punch holes for synchronization. Large portions of the reel have no picture or apparent sound and use a thicker gauge film [maybe full coat magnetic audio] . Due to this thicker film causing the projector to jam, the reel could not be digitized as a whole. The digitized copy has all moving images from the original reel.
Humble Oil Well, Reel 2
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Footage of an early oil well drilling operation, with images of oil gushing from pipes. Black and white negative picture, no sound. Writing on leader reads: "Humble Oil Well, Reel 2" [Head] and "Oil Well, Humble Oil, Begin Reel 2." First scene is backwards on original reel.
Imperial Sugar, 125th Anniversary
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Raw footage documenting commemoration of Imperial Sugar's 125th anniversary. Has images of plaque unveiling, speakers at podium and audience. Color picture, no sound. Writing on leader reads: "Color Orig, 125th Anniversary Imperial/Sugar."