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The Congressional and Political History Collections acquire, preserve, and make available for research archival materials for studies in congressional and state political history. The collections have a special focus on significant elected officials from Texas, including the Texas Congressional delegation, Texas governors, and House Speakers.

The Congressional History Collection contains papers relating to the careers of more than 50 former and present members of Congress, including House Speaker Sam Rayburn and House Speaker and Vice President John Nance Garner. Measuring more than 6,400 linear feet, the collection is one of the most extensive and significant in the United States.

The Political History Collection includes the papers of former Texas governors, from Sam Houston and James Stephen Hogg to Dolph Briscoe and Ann Richards. Many other local and state officials, state and federal employees, and media are also included. An important collection component is the Texas House Speakers Oral History Project, which includes interviews and information on 11 Speakers of the Texas House of Representatives.

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92 St. Y New York, NY Singles Courtesy Tape
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
A continuation of her appearance at the 92nd Street Y. In this she answers questions about NAFTA and the criminal indictment of Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.
Ball State Women's Lecture
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Video tape of Molly speaking at Ball State University as part of their annual women's week. Due to the theme of the event, Molly primarily speaks on feminism and women's issues in this speech. Of particular interest are her observations regarding the number of women in Congress, her thoughts on Hillary Clinton, free speech, and the importance of visiblity of women in entertainment and in positions of power.
Brooks Aus Puts [Campaign Ads]
Source:Brooks (Jack B.) Papers
Campaign and public service ads featuring Jack Brooks. Color picture with sound.
CBS Sales Film Pt. 1
Source:Mickelson (Sig) Papers
Coverage of the 1952, 1956, and 1960 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. The 1952 and 1956 election nights are also included.
Cactus Comments- KLBJ AM
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
A short radio spot from 1987 in which Cactus Pryor presents his opinions on Molly Ivins and her writing.
City of Arts San Francisco Molly Ivins (Rough Dub)
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Recorded Speech of Molly Ivins at City of Arts San Francisco hosted by Doug Foster of Mother Jones Magazine. This speech has many elements of other speeches that Molly does around this time. Topics that she focuses on include freedom of speech, fundamentalists in politics, the lampooning of Texas politicians including Gib Lewis, gun control, the beginning of the Clinton administration, and some of her reflections on the 1992 presidential race. Of particular interest are her answers to some audience questions after the speech where she reveals her thoughts on Lyndon B. Johnson and crticizes the hurtful satire that the Right was engaging in at the time.
City of Arts San Francisco Molly Ivins (Rough Dub)
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
The second part of Molly Ivin's appearance at City of Arts San Francisco. Continuing where e_mi_011 left off, Molly continues taking questions from the audience. Beyond just her normal lampooning of Texas politicians such as H. Ross Perot and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Molly also discusses the Branch Davidian Disaster and the tradition of Texas populism. She also at one point briefly mentions future presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders.
City of Arts San Francisco: Molly Ivins Hosted by Maya Angelou.
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Recorded Sppech of Molly Ivins at City of Arts San Francisco. In this speech, Molly covers some of her favorite subjects including the First Ammendment, Separation of Church and State, and Gun control. She also discusses the state of modern white Evangelical Christians and how their fear has affected the political landscape.
Cockefair Chair Luncheon- Molly Ivins- University of Missouri Kansas City
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Recorded Speech of Molly Ivins at University of Missouri's Cockefair Luncheon. In this speech, Molly focuses primarily on the separation of Church and State, the Second Ammendment, and the cruelty of satire against the powerless.
Cockefair Chair Luncheon- Molly Ivins- University of Missouri Kansas City
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
The second part of Molly's speech at the Cockefair Luncheon. The audio cuts in during the questions and answers portion of the appearance. Molly discusses women in politics such as Hillary Clinton and Kay Bailey Hutchison and also covers why CEOs and other corporate people do not make good politicians.