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Rich Media at the Briscoe Center


View example of geographical data mapping tool.

This portal contains audio/visual media from the Briscoe Center enriched with access tools such as searchable transcripts, indexes, table of contents, geographical data, and others. These tools, now synchronized to the audio/visual content, allow you to navigate the hours of content in creative ways.

Samples of rich media may be viewed by following the links with the images on this page. You may also browse the collections and collection strengths linked on the left-hand side of the site. While exploring our Rich Media site, you may notice that some of the content has not been fully enriched—please bear with us as we seek to realize the potential of all the Briscoe Center's audio/visual materials.

John Hope Franklin

View the John Hope Franklin Lecture.
Sam Rayburn

View The Sam Rayburn Library Dedication.

On the left, you may search this entire portal, or filter by collection strength and media type. When browsing the contents of a collection (such as the Conservation History of Texas, Texas Legacy Project Records), this same search bar allows you to search exclusively within that collection.

And when viewing a particular video or audio recording, you will find a search box in the array of toolboxes to the right of the media—there you can search within that specific recording.