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Western Americana

In addition to its extensive Texas History holdings the Center for American History has acquired significant collections of Western Americana documenting the historical development of the western United States, with a special focus on the Rocky Mountain West. Included are rare book libraries assembled by private collectors, manuscripts and archives, photographs, maps including ones of cattle drives and railroads, newspapers, post cards, ephemera, and other non-book items.

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JHF Chronological Biography
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
This is a tape of John Henry Faulk reciting his own chronological biography for Molly's research. John Henry Faulk was an enormous influence in the speaking style, political philosophy, and life of Molly Ivins. Told in a rambling, storytelling style, this biography touches on much of John Henry Faulk's early life, military experiences, and first marriage. Of particular interest on this tape is John Henry's memories of his parents and his life as a child in South Austin.
JHF Chronological Biography
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
This is the second side of the John Henry Faulk chronological biography begun on e_mi_075. Of particular interest in this part of the biography are John Henry Faulk's memories of being at the University of Texas and working with J. Frank Dobie, his marriage to folk singer Halley Wood, and his time in the military.
Molly Ivins Morning Edition: "Tug of War"
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
This is a brief recording of one of Molly Ivins' radio commentaries that she used to do on Morning Edition in the 1980's. In this particular recording, she is discussing the Tug of War that happened across the Colorado River in Austin in 1987. This tug of war was literally between two different cultural sides of Austin: the wealthy yuppies in the north and the old hippies and "bubbas" in the south.
 Inventing the West: A Symposium on America's Western Experience
Source:"Inventing the West" Videotape, 1984
A panel discussion on Texas mythology and its legacy in the western genre films of Holllywood. Moderated by Thomas Schatz, with panelists Budd Boetticher, James H. Michener, Richard Slotkin, Don Graham and Horace Newcomb. Sponsored by the University of Texas' Department of Radio-Television-Film and Department of American Studies, as well as Cinema Texas, The Austin Chronicle and Laguna Gloria Art Museum.