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Sam Rayburn Papers

Rayburn served as a Texas legislator from 1906 to 1912, when he was elected to the United States Congress. He was elected House majority leader, Democratic Party, in 1937, holding that position until 1940 when he was named speaker of the House. He continued in that office until his death in 1961, except for two periods of Republican control when he served as minority leader. Correspondence, speeches, interviews, newspaper clippings, printed materials, financial records, maps, charts, and reports document the political career of Sam Rayburn.

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Mr. Speaker, Mr. Sam
Source:Sam Rayburn Papers
Documentary video on the career of Sam Rayburn
Report "Mr. Speaker"
Source:Rayburn (Sam) Papers
In a produced news segment, Sam Rayburn gives a tour of his library, describing the origins of significant items, his goals for its use and also mentioning the loss of his sister, Lucinda Rayburn. He then gives an interview to reporter Eddie Barker, answering questions about changes in government, presidents he has worked with, the perfection of writing in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and the possibility of the Democratic and Republican parties changing to liberal vs. conservative. Black and white picture with sound.
The Sam Rayburn Library Dedication
Source:Sam Rayburn Papers
Narrated footage of the dedication ceremony for the Rayburn Library. Speakers at the dedication include Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman, and Speaker Sam Rayburn. The dedication is followed by a narrated tour of the contents of the library. Color picture with sound. This is the most complete, highest-quality digitization of the event and film in our collection. It replaces di_02868, which was digitized from a VHS copy of the film, and dv_00148, which was digitized from our second best film source of the same event.