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News Media History

The Dolph Briscoe Center is home to one of the largest collections of archival materials related to the history of the news media. One of the most comprehensive collections in existence, it includes personal papers of media industry pioneers, research archives, newspapers, and an unmatched collection of photojournalists.

The papers of media professionals include Walter Cronkite (UPI, CBS), Robert Trout (CBS, NBC, ABC), Sig Mickelson (CBS), Dan Rather (CBS), Harry Reasoner (CBS), Joseph and Shirley Wershba Papers (CBS, ABC, PBS), and Andy Rooney (CBS).

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CBS Sales Film Pt. 1
Source:Mickelson (Sig) Papers
Coverage of the 1952, 1956, and 1960 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. The 1952 and 1956 election nights are also included.
Source:Mickelson (Sig) Papers
A group of men, including Sig Mickelson, look at model buildings. The group then takes a tour of a television studio.
Sam Houston [ship] and monorails
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
A combination of unapparently-related clips of produced films and raw footage spliced together on the same reel by the creator. Includes clips on the christening of a ship named "Sam Houston," a Houston monorail system (with title cards in Japanese or Korean), workers on a construction site, workers at a switchboard and footage of Houston-area buildings and landmarks, including USS Texas, the Washburn Tunnel, and buildings of KNUZ-TV, City National Bank, Ezekiel W. Cullen and the University of Houston. Color and black-and-white picture with sound. Some segments are upside-down and backwards in relation to others. Pub version flips upside-down and backward segments.
Sig Mickelson Visit to Cairo
Source:Mickelson (Sig) Papers
Silent film of Sig Mickelson visiting sites around Cairo including the Sphinx and the Pyramids