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Archives of American Mathematics

The Archives of American Mathematics (AAM) is located at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin. As the only archival repository in the United States solely dedicated to collecting and preserving the papers and records of mathematicians and mathematical organizations, the AAM is the premier resource for researchers seeking primary sources in mathematics.

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Mathematical Association of America Films
Lecture films produced by the MAA during the organization’s 50th and 75th anniversaries. In 1965, on the 50th anniversary, John W. Milnor delivers the Raymond Hedrick Lectures and R. H. Bing gives his retiring presidential address. G. Baley Price delivers the 75th anniversary Invited Address in 1990.
Mathematical Association of America Lecture Films
7 lecture films made by the Mathematical Association of America that feature prominent mathematicians of the 20th century. Lecturers include, George Pólya, A. S. Besicovitch, David Blackwell, Solomon Lefschetz, Marston Morse, and Mark Kac, and Richard Courant. The films were digitized with generous funding from the Simons Foundation.
Max Beberman Film Collection
The collection consists of film reels of the University of Illinois Committee on School Mathematics (UICSM) series "Teaching High School Mathematics," featuring mathematician Max Beberman. Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.
P.R. Halmos Lecture Film Series
16 films of Paul Halmos delivering a series of lectures during a 2-week visit to Australia in 1975.
R.L. Moore Legacy Collection
The Legacy of R.L. Moore Project helps advance studies of the mathematician Robert Lee Moore (1882-1974), thereby promoting the study of more effective methods of learning and teaching. The R. L. Moore Legacy Collection consists of oral histories, conference materials, student notes, reminiscences, photographic materials, theses, dissertations, administrative files, and articles.
School Mathematics Study Group Records
A collection of 16 films made by the School Mathematics Study Group, with instructor Stewart Moredock (Sacramento State College) giving lessons on teaching elementary school mathematics. Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.
The Kruskal Papers
Two short films created by Joseph B. Kruskal for Bell Telephone Laboratories, for which he worked. They were created in 1962 and 1966. Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.