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 Inventing the West: A Symposium on America's Western Experience

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Table of contents 
  •  Credits 
  •  Introduction 
  •  First question from moderator Thomas Schatz: Fiction and fact in Hollywood western films 
  •  Second question from moderator: Reinventing the western 
  •  Third question from moderator: History of invention and reinvention of the western 
  •  Answer by Richard Slotkin 
  •  Answer by Don Graham 
  •  Answer by Horace Newcomb 
  •  Fourth question from moderator: The mutation of the western 
  •  Answer by James H. Michener, mentions the films Red River, Monte Walsh, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Giant and The Alamo 
  •  Answer by Richard Slotkin, mentions Star Wars  
  •  Answer by Budd Boetticher, on Star Wars as a western 
  •  Answer by Don Graham, mentions Star Wars as an unsatisfactory successor to the western 
  •  Answer by James H. Michener, mentions Star Wars cantina scene as inspired by the western 
  •  Questions from audience 
  •  Closing comment by James H. Michener 
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Title: Inventing the West: A Symposium on America's Western Experience
Identifier: dv_00066
Description:A panel discussion on Texas mythology and its legacy in the western genre films of Holllywood. Moderated by Thomas Schatz, with panelists Budd Boetticher, James H. Michener, Richard Slotkin, Don Graham and Horace Newcomb. Sponsored by the University of Texas' Department of Radio-Television-Film and Department of American Studies, as well as Cinema Texas, The Austin Chronicle and Laguna Gloria Art Museum.
Country: United States
State: Texas
Creator The University of Texas
Location: 3Y203
Source:"Inventing the West" Videotape, 1984
Contributor: Schatz, Thomas (moderator)
 Boetticher, Budd
 Slotkin, Richard
 Michener, James H.
 Graham, Don
 Newcomb, Horace
Language: en
PublisherDolph Briscoe Center for American History
Rights:Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Original Format:VHS